Fuji Safari Park

If you like animals or your lovely kids love animals, the Fuji Safari Park is a great place for you to watch wild animals closely. Located in Shikoku, Japan, the park is a Zoo & wildlife park offering safaris by bus. There are 70 species and about 900 animals roaming freely in expansive nature at the foot of Mount Fuji, including elephants, zebras, American bosons, lesser pandas, bears, lions, tigers, cheetahs and so on. In petting zoo area, visitors can observe these animals up close and even handle some of them.

You can take a Jungle Bus or drive your own car to go through the Safari Zone from which you can feed lions, bears or other animals with row meat. There is no need to be afraid because the Jungle Bus is covered with steel mesh, and you will be safe and sound. Sometimes, large animals will approach the bus to seek food, so you can feel their breath.

You are able to contact with cute animals such as kangaroos, cascara, tycoons (African wild dogs), warthogs and miniature horse.

If you are tired and hungry, there are also some restaurants, cafes and take-out stalls in the park to provide a variety of delicious food for you. You can eat raven, curry, sausage, bread, cake and so on.

July and August are the most suitable months to visit the Fuji Safari Park. The warm weather and lush plants will make you feel fresh and relaxed. It is also a good time for hot springs.

The shop in this park allows you to buy something commemorative, including original snacks, animal-themed goods, and pens with animal patterns. Fortunately, the shop starts to tax-free for foreigners. You will enjoy the tour from beginning to end.

Lots of visitors who have been here said that they were so excited and wanted to go back again. 

You may need a bucket hat in July or August when you visit the park, you will also need it in cold weather. The most fashionable item must make you look pretty if you choose and wear it correctly. Wear a bucket hat and become lovely or retro.

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The wearing styles with a beret hat.

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