Predominately White Poland Polo Shirt

In order to fulfill the various demands of several teammates, we would like to choose a polo shirt similar to the Poland football shirt to a certain extent. The predominately white Poland polo shirt is dyed in white, adorning with a three-button placket. Red stripes are printed on shoulder panels, adding energy and modern touch into the concise design.

Different with the 2016 white Poland home shirt, the polo shirt is adorned with fold over collar, finishing with notable red trims. The Official EURO 2016 logo and national flag emblem are printed on the right and left chest respectively. It is machine washable and can be dried in short time. It will help football players excluding interferences on sports field and keeping body cool and dry.

Putting on the predominately white Poland polo shirt, all teammates will present a tidy and clear appearances as confronting some tournaments. In addition, some teammates also would like to choose the red and white Raglan-sleeved T-shirt for more comfortable design, because they don’t like the fold over collar. For the striking contrast between the red cloths and white cloths, the T-shirt looks like a shirt with more energy than the above predominately white polo-shirt. Besides, all teammates could show their supports to the Poland national football team, too. The retro shirt is printed with emblem of Poland side for over one thousand years. the retrospective red shirts is also machine washable for fine gauge tight knit fabric, which retains the shape of the red retrospective shirt.

White Poland Home Shirt 2016 | Fc Kingdom

Designers of Nike endow the brand new white Poland shirt a modern and fresh touch, following traditional designs of precious football shirts of Poland national football team. As a hot product at the Fc Kingdom’s online shop, they are popular among loyal football fans for the patriotic design, reminding the loyalty to Poland from time to time. The red Eagle logo is stitched on a noticeable position, with the red Nike logo on the opposite position.


A V-shaped collar is striking with a white stripe embroidered on the back of the collar. The gradually changed oblique faded grey stripes are started from the left corner of the shirt and stopped at the right corner of the lower part. All these grey stripes are a symbol of the wings of Eagle, representing the powerful strength of Poland. In order to optimize the wearing experience of the concise white Poland football shirt 2016, the manufacturer takes an advanced Dri-Fit technology to keep players cool, dry and comfortable.