Silesian Stadium – Football Stadium

The renowned football stadium – Silesian Stadium is located in the Slaskie region of Poland, with a capacity of 56,211. In 1993, the football stadium was specially designated for the Polish national football team. Taking as the home pitch of the Polish national football team, the football stadium was renovated as an all-seat stadium. For the gradually strict controls and escalated standards, the original old football stadium is not quality enough for some international competitions. For this reason, a reconstruction plan has been proposed to fulfill requirements of some significant matches.

The construction work of the Silesian Stadium was completed by 2016, with more than 55,000 seats having being installed. In addition, some modern equipment have been installed, including illumination system, audio system and security system. Before the inauguration of the national stadium, it was taken as the only national stadium for many years. Certainly, many classic scenes have been recorded at the football stadium.

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